YALIG Design Case- White Shaker Style Lacquer Finished Kitchen Apr 03, 2023

White Shaker Style Lacquer Finished Kitchen

White Shaker Style Lacquer Finished Kitchen

As you can see, here's design case which we did for an European client, she likes simple shaker style. So we use white for the main color, and gold handle to match with the white door panel and black appliances.. Base material we use plywood board, countertop 20mm thickness quartz stone. This kitchen cost about USD 3800. 


The design case mentioned above is an excellent example of how a client's preferences can inform the choice of materials, colors, and finishes in a project. By working closely with the client, our designer was able to create a design that aligned with the client's taste and style preferences.


The use of a simple shaker style is a classic design choice that creates a timeless look in any space. The choice of white as the main color is a popular choice as it creates a bright and airy feel, and also helps to make the space appear larger. The addition of gold handles adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the space, while also tying in with the white door panel and black appliances.


The use of plywood as the base material is an affordable and durable choice that allows for flexibility in design. The 20mm thickness quartz stone countertop provides durability and a high-end finish that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Overall, this design case serves as an excellent example of how a designer can work with a client to create a space that reflects their personal style while also incorporating practical considerations such as durability and functionality.


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