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  • Labor Day Holiday Notice 2024
    Apr 29, 2024 Labor Day Holiday Notice 2024
    Labor Day Holiday Notice 2024   To all our dear customers,   We are pleased to inform you that our company will take a one-day holiday from May 1st to May 2nd during the National Day.   We will restart work on May 2, 2023   If you have any emergency during the holiday, please feel free to call Jason at +86-15121145836   YALIG wishes you and your family a wonderful vacation! Anhui YALIG Intelligent Co. 2024.04.29
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    CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLIDAY NOTICE Dear Customer, Thank you for your support this year,our Chinese New Year holiday will be as below: Factory:February1-February22   Office:February1-February18 For any urgent issue please contact us by wechat or whatsapp. Your ordercan be scheduled during holiday and will be arranged production afterholiday. Best regards,Anhui YALIG Intelligent Houseware Co.,Ltd 
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  • Holiday Notice On New Year's Day
    Apr 13, 2023 Holiday Notice On New Year's Day
    Dear Customers, Please be aware of that We will have a day off on New Year's Day:January 1, 2024. Please feel free to contact us via:info@yaligcabinets.com  If you have any emergency,please call the following number:+0086-(551)-66778656 We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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  • YALIG Kitchen Cabinets Promotion Event in May 2023
    Apr 14, 2023 YALIG Kitchen Cabinets Promotion Event in May 2023
    For all the old clients who will buy kitchen cabinets from YALIG from 1st May to 31st May 2023, we will give a 6% discount on the basis of the original quotation.   Please free free to contact us if you are interested in getting a design and to place the order!  
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  • YALIG Design Case- White Shaker Style Lacquer Finished Kitchen
    Apr 03, 2023 YALIG Design Case- White Shaker Style Lacquer Finished Kitchen
    White Shaker Style Lacquer Finished Kitchen As you can see, here's design case which we did for an European client, she likes simple shaker style. So we use white for the main color, and gold handle to match with the white door panel and black appliances.. Base material we use plywood board, countertop 20mm thickness quartz stone. This kitchen cost about USD 3800.    The design case mentioned above is an excellent example of how a client's preferences can inform the choice of materials, colors, and finishes in a project. By working closely with the client, our designer was able to create a design that aligned with the client's taste and style preferences.   The use of a simple shaker style is a classic design choice that creates a timeless look in any space. The choice of white as the main color is a popular choice as it creates a bright and airy feel, and also helps to make the space appear larger. The addition of gold handles adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the space, while also tying in with the white door panel and black appliances.   The use of plywood as the base material is an affordable and durable choice that allows for flexibility in design. The 20mm thickness quartz stone countertop provides durability and a high-end finish that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.   Overall, this design case serves as an excellent example of how a designer can work with a client to create a space that reflects their personal style while also incorporating practical considerations such as durability and functionality.   If u are interested, just contact us for a design and quotation!
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  • What are the advantages of leather door wardrobes?
    Apr 07, 2024 What are the advantages of leather door wardrobes?
    We know that leather door panels have been a popular choice for many home decorations, and recently our company has launched a leather wardrobe, here are some of the advantages of leather wardrobe. 1. Luxurious look: leather has a timeless appeal and exudes a sense of luxury and elegance. A leather wardrobe can enhance the beauty of any room and add a touch of sophistication to the decor.     2. Durability: leather is known for its durability and longevity.     3. Easy to clean: Leather wardrobes are relatively easy to clean and maintain.     4. Natural Material: Leather is a natural material that adds warmth and authenticity to your space.      5. Sound absorption: Leather upholstery has sound-absorbing properties that create a cosy environment in the bedroom.     Although leather wardrobes have many advantages, it is worth noting that, compared with other materials, they may require more care and maintenance. YALIG has more than 20 years of production experience can be very good for you to make elegant leather door wardrobes.
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  • What is the European style
    Nov 10, 2023 What is the European style
    With the development of the times, more and more people prefer simple cabinet styles. Modern European cabinets are a good choice for people. So what are European cabinets? European cabinets, also known as European cabinets or European kitchen design, refer to a specific kitchen cabinet design style and method that originated in Europe. Here are some of the main features of European kitchen cabinets: 1. Simple lines and simple design: European-style cabinets are famous for their smooth and simple lines, which embody the simple design concept. Ornate details and decorative elements are minimized, resulting in a simple and streamlined look. 2. Flat door: European-style cabinets usually use flat doors with smooth surfaces and uninterrupted surfaces. These doors can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood veneer, laminate, glass or lacquer. 3. Full-access interior: Frameless construction provides more storage space inside the cabinet. European style cabinets often offer full-access interior designs, which means the cabinets have no center door or face frames, maximizing usable space and providing easy access to items. 4. Integrated handle or handleless design: European-style cabinets usually integrate integrated handles directly into the cabinet door or drawer. This creates a seamless and handle-free look that emphasizes the clean lines of the cabinets. Alternatively, some designs may feature discreet and minimalist handles. 5. High-quality materials: European-style cabinets often use high-quality materials, which have a durable and high-end appearance. Commonly used materials include wood veneers, laminates, lacquers and glass. The materials chosen are durable, beautiful and easy to maintain. 6. Neutral tones: European-style cabinets usually come in neutral tones, including white, grey, beige and black. These colors create a clean, timeless look that can easily be incorporated into a variety of kitchen designs. European style kitchen cabinets are known for their modern and sophisticated appearance. They combine functionality, minimalism and quality craftsmanship. This style is popular worldwide for its clean aesthetic and efficient use of space. YALIG has more than 20 years of production experience and uses high-quality wood boards to make European-style cabinets. Please feel free to contact us ​
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  • About wardrobe design for small rooms
    Nov 02, 2023 About wardrobe design for small rooms
    About wardrobe design for small rooms Designing a wardrobe with vanity for a small room requires careful consideration of space utilization and functionality. Here are some tips for creating a wardrobe design with a dressing table in a small room: 1. Choose a compact wardrobe: Choose a wardrobe that is slim and does not take up much floor space. Look for designs with sliding or bi-fold doors as they require less clearance than traditional hinged doors. 2. Utilize vertical space: Choose a wardrobe that extends to the ceiling to make full use of vertical space. This allows for additional storage shelves or compartments above the clothing area. Use this vertical space to store infrequently used items or out-of-season clothing. 3. Combine the wardrobe and dresser: To save space, integrate the dresser into the wardrobe design. This can be achieved by incorporating folding or pull-out tables that can be hidden when not in use. Alternatively, you can choose a wardrobe with a built-in dressing table that can be stowed away when not needed. 4. Use mirror doors: Consider a wardrobe design with mirror doors. This eliminates the need for a separate freestanding mirror while visually enlarging the room and adding functionality. When the wardrobe is not in use, the mirror door can also be used as a dressing area. 5. Lighting: Wardrobe areas and dressing tables should have adequate lighting. Consider installing LED lights in your wardrobe to ensure good visibility when selecting outfits. Place task lighting or a small vanity mirror with built-in lighting on or near your vanity for applying makeup. 6. Foldable or Convertible Elements: If space is extremely limited, consider foldable or convertible elements. For example, you could choose a dresser that folds down from the wall, or a wardrobe with a pull-out dresser that can be neatly stored away when not in use. YALIG has more than twenty years of design and production experience to create a practical and space-saving wardrobe with dressing table for your room
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  • What are the design options for smart cabinets?
    Nov 01, 2023 What are the design options for smart cabinets?
    What are the design options for smart cabinets? Smart cabinet design solutions blend technology and automation to enhance functionality, convenience, and efficiency. Here are some examples of smart cabinet design solutions:   1. Electric or automated systems: Electric or automated systems allow cabinets to be opened and closed with the touch of a button or voice command. This is especially useful for larger or taller cabinets that are difficult to reach or for individuals with limited mobility.   2. Sensor lighting: Cabinets can be equipped with motion sensor lighting, which automatically turns on when the cabinet door is opened. This ensures that the contents of the cabinet are well-lit and clearly visible even in low-light conditions.   3. Internal organization systems: Smart cabinets can incorporate internal organization systems such as adjustable shelves, modular compartments, and drawer dividers. These systems can be electronically controlled or equipped with smart sensors that optimize storage space and facilitate organization.   4. Voice Assistant Integration: Cabinet designs can incorporate voice assistant technology like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Users can control cabinet functions, retrieve information and perform tasks through voice commands, providing a hands-free and convenient experience.   These are just a few examples of smart cabinet design solutions. Specific features and functionality will vary based on brand, manufacturer, and personal preference.  With over twenty years of design experience, when designing smart cabinets, YLIG will evaluate your needs, budget, and compatibility with existing smart home systems to find the solution that best suits your requirements.
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  • What are the designs of TV console cabinets?
    Oct 31, 2023 What are the designs of TV console cabinets?
      What are the designs of TV console cabinets? TV cabinet designs vary widely depending on personal preferences, available space, and the overall style of the room. Here are a few popular TV cabinet design ideas: 1. Wall-Mounted TV Cabinet: A wall-mounted TV cabinet is sleek and modern. It consists of a floating shelf or cabinet attached to the wall, with the TV mounted directly on the wall or integrated into the cabinet. This design keeps the floor space open and creates a minimalist look.   2. TV Stand with Storage: A TV stand with storage combines a dedicated space for the TV with additional storage compartments. It typically features open shelves, closed cabinets, or a combination of both. This design allows you to neatly store media devices, books, and other items while keeping them easily accessible.     3. Built-in TV Cabinet: A built-in TV cabinet is custom-made and integrated into the wall or a predefined area in the room. It offers a seamless and cohesive look, as it becomes part of the architecture. This design can be tailored to fit the specific dimensions of the TV and room while allowing for customized storage options.   4.Corner TV Cabinet: A corner TV cabinet is designed to fit snugly in the corner of a room, maximizing space utilization. It often features a triangular or angled shape and can include shelves, cabinets, or both. This design is especially useful in smaller rooms where optimizing space is essential.   When selecting a TV cabinet design, consider the size and weight of your TV, the number of media devices you need to accommodate, and your storage requirements. Additionally, think about the overall style and aesthetics of the room to ensure the TV cabinet blends well with the existing decor. YLIG has more than 20 years of design experience and can well meet your needs. Welcome your consultation
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  • The use of leather in wardrobe design
    Oct 20, 2023 The use of leather in wardrobe design
    The use of leather in wardrobe design Leather wardrobe design refers to the use of leather material in the construction or detailing of a wardrobe. Incorporating leather into wardrobe designs can add a touch of luxury, elegance and sophistication to the overall aesthetic. Here are some of the ways leather can be used in wardrobe design: 1.Leather-clad doors: Instead of using traditional wood or laminate doors, wardrobe doors can be clad with leather panels. Leather-clad doors can make a bold and stylish statement, adding texture and visual interest to the wardrobe design.   2. Leather trims and accents: Leather can be used as a decorative trim or accent on wardrobe doors, drawer fronts or handles. Leather detailing can add a sophisticated touch and enhance the overall design aesthetic. 3. Leather drawer fronts or pulls: Wardrobe drawers can have leather fronts for a unique and sophisticated look. Leather drawer pulls or handles can also be used to add a touch of elegance to the wardrobe design. 4. Leather mirror frames: Mirrors on wardrobe doors or walls can be framed in leather for a luxurious and sophisticated look. Leather framed mirrors add to the overall aesthetic and tie the design elements together. When considering a leather wardrobe design, it's important to choose high quality leather that is durable and easy to maintain. Different types of leather such as full grain, top grain or bonded leather offer different levels of quality and durability. Our company, YALIG, has over 20 years of design experience in creating bespoke wardrobe designs based on your needs and tastes.
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  • Is it a good idea to have a walk-in closet?
    Oct 19, 2023 Is it a good idea to have a walk-in closet?
    Is it a good idea to have a walk-in closet? Having a walk-in closet can be a great idea for a number of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of having a walk-in closet:   1. Plenty of storage space: Walk-in closets offer significantly more storage space than standard walk-in closets. They offer room to store not only clothes, but also accessories, shoes, handbags and other personal items. This extra space can help keep your belongings organised and easily accessible. 2. Improved organisation: With a walk-in closet, you can incorporate various storage solutions such as built-in shelves, hanging rails, drawers, cubbies and shoe racks. These features allow for better organisation and help maximise the use of available space. You can categorise and arrange your items more efficiently, making it easier to find and select what you need. 3. Improved visibility: Walk-in wardrobes generally offer better visibility and access to your clothes and belongings. With open space and proper lighting, you can see your wardrobe at a glance, making it easier to coordinate outfits and keep track of your belongings. 4. Privacy and personal space: A walk-in closet can serve as a private area where you can get dressed, try on different outfits and store personal items. It provides a dedicated space separate from the main bedroom, providing privacy and reducing clutter in the sleeping area. 5. Potential increase in property value: A walk-in wardrobe can be a desirable feature for potential homebuyers. It adds a touch of luxury, sophistication and practicality to a home. If you plan to sell your home in the future, a well-designed walk-in closet can help attract buyers and potentially increase the value of your home. Ultimately, whether a walk-in closet is a good idea depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, available space and budget. A walk-in closet can be a valuable addition to your home if you have the space and appreciate the benefits of extra storage and organisation.
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